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Physical Therapy & Its Role in Helping Individuals Recover from Substance Use

At Southwest Family Physical Therapy, we understand how important physical therapy is for people recovering from excessive drug and alcohol use. We’ve seen how physical therapy doesn’t just help people’s body’s function better but also supports their overall recovery in a psychological manner.

Being dependent on substances can be very impactful on your health, making your muscles weak, damaging your heart, and even throwing off your equilibrium. We assess and create customized physical routines and plans for each patient’s individual needs, using different activities and exercises to help with recovery.

We aim to boost not just physical health but also overall happiness, building strength, hope, and a brighter view of life.

Continue reading to learn how adding physical therapy to detox and rehab plans helps not just with immediate body issues but also with managing stress and avoiding future problems. This can make the recovery journey more successful.

Remember: At Southwest Family Physical Therapy, we believe “Your Health is Our Top Priority” isn’t just a saying; it’s our promise. We’re dedicated to helping you regain your strength and hope with care and respect.

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The Link Between Physical Health and Addiction Recovery

As mentioned, substance abuse is really tough on your body. It can cause muscular, cardiovascular, and immune system problems that can be detrimental to your health. These issues are not just side effects; they also make it harder to recover fully because they impact how you feel mentally and emotionally.

At Southwest Family Physical Therapy, we believe that getting better isn’t just about stopping substance use. We know that both physical health and mental wellness are important in recovery.

We use a complete approach that understands fixing both body and mind is key to long-term success. Our physical therapy is carefully structured to meet every patient’s specific needs on their healing journey.

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The Role of Our Team in Your Recovery

Drug detox centers are very important for the first step in getting better. They help people safely handle withdrawal symptoms and clear their bodies of leftover toxins.

At Southwest Family Physical Therapy, we know that recovery isn’t just about stopping substance use. It’s also about healing your whole self – body and mind. We help connect the dots between starting detox and fully recovering for the long haul.

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The Southwest Family Physical Therapy Advantage

We know that feeling better and regaining physical confidence is a very personal journey. It needs time, patience, and special care, which we meet head-on. Our focus is not only on healing but also on making lives fuller with caring, ongoing support.

At Southwest Family Physical Therapy, we aim to help everyone – whether you’re a top athlete or just love being active on weekends. We want to give you back your strength and confidence, so you can enjoy your favorite activities again.

With detox and rehab for substance use, physical therapy does more than just heal the body. It helps with overall recovery, making your physical health a key part of getting sober and abstaining from illicit substances. We’re here to support you all the way and encourage you to start your journey to wellness with us.

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